Revolve install Fuell Cell hydrogen storage and delivery system

Revolve have designed and installed a compressed hydrogen gas storage and delivery system into a prototype fuel cell vehicle for an international OE manufacturer. The system was installed by Revolve specialist trained technicians and a final high pressure leak test performed by an independent company specializing in high pressure compressed gas installations.

Based on Revolves successful H2ICE hydrogen storage design, the system consists of a single 74 litre 350bar carbon-fibre wrapped storage tank supported in the vehicle by a fabricated aluminium frame. The tank and pipework are all approved for hydrogen use at these elevated pressures, and Revolve have many years experience working with such systems.

The high-pressure compressed hydrogen is then delivered to the fuel cell stack via a series of stainless steel tubes, a single step-down pressure regulator, safety check-valves and filters to ensure the quality and safety of fuel delivered. The hydrogen flow control system is designed to reliably deliver fuel to the fuel cell stack at a specified, stable pressure and temperature for proper fuel cell operation over the full range of vehicle operating conditions.

The delivery system is divided into three safety zones with each zone constituting a closed section of piping. Electrical solenoid valves automatically shut to isolate each zone when a leak is detected. If a pipe or fitting fails within a particular zone, the leak is contained to the respective volume of H2 gas within that section. This significantly reduces the amount of possible leaked H2 gas into the environment.

Revolve operates a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System that includes risk assessments referring to preventative actions when installing and testing hydrogen fuel systems by Revolve technicians.

For more information, please contact Alec Pell-Johnson at Revolve on +44 (0) 1277 261400 or email Please quote Reference H2 storage

cad delivery system design

CAD layout of the proposed storage tank and pipework installation


Final installation of H2 delivery system