Revolve manufacture Lightweight Subframe for EV/hybrid battery pack

Revolve have completed the design and manufacture of a vehicle mounted lightweight battery pack subframe for an award-winning technology customer.

Drawing on many years experience in the manufacture of light-weight structures using composite materials and bonding technology, Revolve were quickly and cost-effectively able to complete the design and manufacture of the battery subframe which met and/or exceeded all the customer requirements.

Supporting a total battery mass of 465kg the subframe is constructed from bonded and riveted 10mm thick aluminium honeycomb panels with HE9 TF grade ‘T’ section extrusions. Pre-pot bonded stainless steel inserts secure the individual battery modules to the panels.

When fitted to a mating top cover, the total enclosure is IP65 rated and has been subjected to ECE R100 simulated vehicle crash inertia loads.

For more information, please contact Alec Pell-Johnson at Revolve on +44 (0) 1277 261400 or email Please quote EV Battery Subframe

CAD layout of the light-weight subframe for the Electric Vehicle (EV) battery pack