Revolve Technologies continue to supply MoD with enhanced seating systems

Revolve Technologies are pleased to announce we have just received an order from MAN Trucks to supply a further 296 vehicle sets of our Troop Carrying Vehicle Enhanced Seating (TCVES) units. These units are to be installed in vehicles destined for UK MOD.

Historically in 2008/2009 Revolve Technologies were contracted by MAN Trucks/ GSV IPT to supply 6 and 8 person seating units for a fleet of over 570 MAN HX60 and HX58 vehicles.

In 2010 Revolve supplied a further 300 seating units and stowage containers to the UK MOD, for use with the legacy fleet of Bedford and Leyland cargo vehicles.

Both the container and seating units can be mechanically fastened to the vehicle load bed without any modifications being required to the vehicle.

The seating unit has been FEA tested in line with 77/536/EEC and physically tested inline with ECE R66 for occupant rollover protection.

Revolve Technologies are actively involved in a programme to develop the unit to suit the wider variety of vehicles requiring a level of Roll Over Protection, and to be able to cope with conditions currently being experienced by military personnel and other users all over the globe.

A link to the downloadable seating systems pdf is here: TCVES specification

Troops in Enhanced Seating System

 Troops demonstrate Revolve Enhanced Seating System



Storage Container and Enhanced Seating System installed on a MAN truck