Revolve Technologies Ltd. currently produce the following products.

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H2ICE Van Conversion

A Hydrogen Van conversion is available from Revolve Technologies.
This conversion offers:

  • Improved environmental performance
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

The Revolve Technologies H2ICE Van Conversion promotes environmentally friendly and renewable energies utilising an existing Powerplant and improves social responsibility for Fleet operators.

          A successful collaboration with ITM Power on HOST Vans has recently seen strict Euro VI emissions
          Standards achieved - See link below

           See our full colour brochure and van specification by following the links:

Supercharged Diesel Quad

A diesel quad to meet military requirements. The supercharged diesel engine gives the DRV high altitude capabilities
and is fully compatible with NATO fuels, giving unparalleled performance and range.

See the full colour brochure here

Enhanced Seating System

The Revolve Enhanced Seating System has been developed to protect Military personnel in transit. The system is
designed to be fitted directly to the load bed of the vehicle and will protect the occupants in the event of vehicle roll
over or frontal impact situations.

          See the full colour brochure here

Lightweight Air portable six wheeled vehicle

The LAS 100RE has been designed specifically as a high mobility air transportable vehicle, its primary role is to
provide high mobility transportation to air mobile forces.

See the full colour brochure here