Breaking News – Emission tests show H2ICED achieving 100mpg diesel

26th October 2012

In the latest developments on the hydrogen-diesel bi-fuel Transit, Charlie Morgan, Revolve's Senior Calibration Engineer, has been testing the first prototype at Millbrook Proving Ground and the initial results are encouraging. The first tests show 100mpg on diesel with an efficient 47.8miles/kg hydrogen usage.

“Obviously, its early days but the initial results are in line with what we expected and we’re targeting improvements in emissions, but this is an exciting first step” said Paul Turner, Engineering Director and Revolve’s overall champion of this new green technology which could see viable hydrogen-powered vehicles on our roads in the very near future.

“We need these types of commercially-viable vehicles on the roads to help support investment in the hydrogen-refuelling infrastructure which will pave the way for fuel-cell vehicles to become a commercial success” he continued. “The team are looking at even more novel ways to develop the technology and improve its green credentials further”.

More results from the testing at Millbrook to follow as the calibration engineers push the boundaries of this cutting-edge technology.