Latest News – Revolve looks to bio-diesel allied to the H2ICED Transit to provide CO2 neutral motoring now!

22nd October 2012

In the latest developments on the hydrogen-diesel bi-fuel Transit, Revolve are looking to bio-diesel to attain CO2 neutral green energy for the latest generation H2ICED Transit. Paul Turner, Revolve’s green energy champion and Engineering director said “This potentially extends the already-green H2ICED bi-fuel hydrogen-diesel Transit to a truly CO2 neutral transport"

"We're very motivated to find technology which will produce the CO2-neutral transportation of the future", he continued, "bio-diesel could help us make the H2ICED™ Transit the first truly green commercial vehicle available in a few months"

Revolve are looking to use this bio-diesel in their innovative H2ICED hydrogen-diesel hybrid as well as possible future combined heat and power units for domestic and industrial units.

For more information, please contact Alec Pell-Johnson at Revolve on +44 (0) 1277 261400 or email Please quote Reference H2ICED™ Bio-Diesel