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From early projects providing digital scanning of ‘in-service’ locomotives, and the production design and manufacture of the London Underground platform digital projectors, Revolve are now providing power module gen-set solution to Vivarail for their forthcoming Class 230 Train Project. Revolve have developed and are supplying the gen-sets as a ‘full service supplier’, integrating the multi-module design into the upgraded and refurbished D78 trains.

/Manufacturing Services & Prototype Technologies
Revolve Technologies utilise its project management, design and engineering support, and electrical/electronic integration to produce working, functional prototypes. These prototypes can be at component level up to and including full vehicle.

Through innovative and lateral thinking, difficult problems are resolved as a normal part of the service offered in the prototype manufacture process. The quality and attention to detail in our products are demonstrated at OEM technical reviews and major worldwide sales and marketing events.

Technologies & experience include:-

• Clay Modelling
• Jig and Fixture Manufacture
• Hot air and Sonic welding
• Large and small part Vacuum Forming
• Component manufacture in Composites, metal (tube and sheet), and wood
• Electrical and electronic integration
• Quality Inspection tools
/Specialist Projects
The company serves a diverse portfolio of customers and industries including Defence, Security, Agricultural and Rail, both both Low and High volume application.

Techniques, skills and processes that are commonly used to support main stream automotive programmes are utilised to benefit the development of these specialist systems. The group provides customers with a complete and flexible in-house, managed process in a secure environment.

Services include:-

• Quotation Consultancy
• Programme Management
• Design and Predictive Analysis
• System Benchmarking
• Data acquisition & Instrumentation
• 3D Geometric Data Acquisition
• Hybrid Powertrain Development & Calibration
• Electrical system development
• Concept and Prototype Vehicle and Low volume manufacturing
• Test Programme & Trial Support
• Sub-system Integration
/Powertrain Engineering
Revolve Technologies provides a complete and comprehensive powertrain development capability. Coupled with our full vehicle experience, we can develop the systems with an appreciation for the vehicle integration. Our experience includes the application of new engines into existing vehicles, and existing engines into new vehicles, from base engine concepts through to full certification, and post technical support.

Gasoline, Diesel, Bi-Fuel (including LPG/CNG/H2/Calibration) and Hybrid

• Emissions Calibration
• Environmental Calibration
• OBD and EOBD Calibration
• Driveability Calibration
• Motorcycle Calibration
• EMS Strategy Design
• EMS Hardware Design and Integration
• Emissions control technology development
• Engine Development
• Base engine mechanical design, build, inspection and development
• Base engine performance and durability development
• Full load performance
• Emissions performance
• Combustion performance and analysis
• Cooling, intake and exhaust system design and optimisation
• Fuel and purge system design and development
The company's design services encompass the entire process from concept through to final production. The team of skilled designers address styling, packaging, layout and manufacturing issues.

Dependent on customer preference ,design can be completed in Catia or Solid Works formats.

To aid concept and prototype projects we can also offer 3D scanning, from individual component, system and full vehicle.

Application Experience include:-
• Powertrain Systems and Components
• Chassis / Steering Components
• Base Engine Systems and Components
• HVAC Systems and Components
• Exhaust Systems
• Special Vehicle Systems and Equipment
/CAE Analysis
Our analysis toolkit consists of many software products covering linear static, dynamic, non-linear static, impact, occupant kinematics, heat and fluid flow types of analysis. These techniques can be used individually or combined to generate and accurate prediction / correlation of the structural analysis behavior under examination. Incorporating the effective use of CAE reduces product development time-frames and reduces engineering risk.

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
• Linear Statics
• Non-Linear Statics (Geometry and Material)
• Thermal Analysis
• Model Analysis
• Vehicle & component crash prediction
• Occupant protection
• Pedestrian protection
• Head Impact
• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
• Laminar and Turbulent Flow
• Visualisation Velocity, Pressure and Temperature Predictions
• Engine Simulation
• Virtual Engine Prediction / Combustion Analysis
• Valvetrain Analysis
• Pushrod, OHC Oscillating Follower
• Cam Synthesis
• Valvetrain Stability, Durability
• Chassis Engineering Capabilities
• Component/Systems Design & Analysis
• Dynamic Vehicle Development
• Data Acquisition