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Low Carbon Technologies

Revolve are active in the development and integration of Range-Extended Electric Hybrid commercial vehicles and hybrid gen-set modules, and are leaders in the development of the application of hydrogen in gasoline and diesel engine vehicles. Working with Innovate UK and the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), Revolve as an SME, have been successful as partners and/or suppliers, in the completion of a wide range of LC projects.

The company's design services encompass the entire process from concept through to final production. The team of skilled designers address styling, packaging, layout and manufacturing issues.

Dependent on customer preference ,design can be completed in Catia or Solid Works formats.

To aid concept and prototype projects we can also offer 3D scanning, from individual component, system and full vehicle.

Application Experience include:-
• Powertrain Systems and Components
• Chassis / Steering Components
• Base Engine Systems and Components
• HVAC Systems and Components
• Exhaust Systems
• Special Vehicle Systems and Equipment
/Powertrain Engineering
Revolve Technologies provides a complete and comprehensive powertrain development capability. Coupled with our full vehicle experience, we can develop the systems with an appreciation for the vehicle integration. Our experience includes the application of new engines into existing vehicles, and existing engines into new vehicles, from base engine concepts through to full certification, and post technical support.

Gasoline, Diesel, Bi-Fuel (including LPG/CNG/H2/Calibration) and Hybrid

• Emissions Calibration
• Environmental Calibration
• OBD and EOBD Calibration
• Driveability Calibration
• Motorcycle Calibration
• EMS Strategy Design
• EMS Hardware Design and Integration
• Emissions control technology development
• Engine Development
• Base engine mechanical design, build, inspection and development
• Base engine performance and durability development
• Full load performance
• Emissions performance
• Combustion performance and analysis
• Cooling, intake and exhaust system design and optimisation
• Fuel and purge system design and development
/Specialist Projects
The company serves a diverse portfolio of customers and industries including Defence, Security, Agricultural and Rail, both both Low and High volume application.

Techniques, skills and processes that are commonly used to support main stream automotive programmes are utilised to benefit the development of these specialist systems. The group provides customers with a complete and flexible in-house, managed process in a secure environment.

Services include:-

• Quotation Consultancy
• Programme Management
• Design and Predictive Analysis
• System Benchmarking
• Data acquisition & Instrumentation
• 3D Geometric Data Acquisition
• Hybrid Powertrain Development & Calibration
• Electrical system development
• Concept and Prototype Vehicle and Low volume manufacturing
• Test Programme & Trial Support
• Sub-system Integration
/Test & Measurement
Adding to our portfolio of prototype services, Revolve is also able to provide engine and vehicle benchmarking, through both static and dynamic testing, component and full vehicle instrumentation and cloud scanning for package and styling attributes. In addition, we are also able to provide a comprehensive UK based, and managed, ‘on-road’ vehicle mileage accumulation and system testing service.

• General data logging
• Vehicle instrumentation services
• Low speed, high channel count applications
• High speed, up to 100 kHz sampling rates
• Analogue and digital capabilities
• Temperature, Pressure, Strain
• Speed, Distance
• Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
• Vibration, Noise
• Computer Area Network (CAN) Communication
• Analysis of system networks
• Integration of Dissimilar systems
• Programming of gateway nodes
• Noise and Vibration Analysis
• Competition benchmark testing
• Interior and exterior sound analysis
• System and component response
• Pass-by noise
• 'Order' tracking vibration analysis