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Revolve named as trusted Ford partner

Ford can now offer customers such as sports car manufacturers a ‘one-stop shop’ for engines, after signing a formal agreement with Revolve Technologies Ltd, its newly named trusted engine partner.

Until now, engine customers have had to buy the electronic control unit (ECU), for each engine, from a third party supplier which has no formal link with Ford, and no access to Ford’s data.  The new agreement means the Revolveteam can now supply a fully programmed ECU, using Ford’s data.

“By having a trusted engineering partner, we don’t have to share our information with customers, which means we maintain our security while protecting the safety and security of those customers’ vehicles,” said Paul McDermott, sales director of Ford Component Sales.

And for customers wanting an engine to conform to Euro6 emissions regulations, buying from Revolve is the only option, as third party suppliers simply cannot meet the emissions levels.  “It is becoming increasingly difficult for third parties to control our engines as they become more complicated in order to meet emissions regulations,” said Paul.  “We can now offer a one-stop shop, which means we can keep existing customers and help both us and Revolve attract new ones.”

Revolve has been appointed by Ford as a Quality Calibration Modifier (QCM), giving access to Ford technical information that no other company in Europe has. “We are the only QCM in Europe, and one of only five worldwide,” said Revolve’s Business Development Director, Alec Pell-Johnson, a former Ford engineer.

Revolve’s Business Development Manager, John Willis, another former Ford engineer, also added that there were many new opportunities. “We now have infinite control over what we can offer. It is mainly to niche OEMs, but some of them buy in volume.”

“Ford Component Sales can now give Revolve access to an ‘open/development’ ECU,” said Paul McDermott. “They can start work with the base calibration of a current Ford vehicle such as a Mustang and then work with our customers, adjusting calibration settings to better suit the customer’s application or vehicle.  This should make it easier for our customers and make Ford a more attractive partner to vehicle manufacturers looking for an engine supplier."


Success at the Cenex LCV Show 2018

The Revolve team were again exhibiting at the 2018 Cenex LCV show alongside Liverpool’s ULEMCo Ltd, held this week at the Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford. 


In our 10th consecutive year at the event, the show again gave us the chance to display a number of low carbon vehicles on our stand including the Ocado Dual-Fuel Hydrogen Ford Transit, Nissan ENV200 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extender and the new Renault Kangoo Fuel Cell Range Extender, which was a recent project we worked on as part of a consortium with Bramble, UCL and HSSMI. 

Also displayed on our stand, positioned on the Steering Pad, was a 3cylinder gasoline engine with a YASAP400 series (100KW) motor, mounted via a bespokebell-housing and coupling to demonstrate our range extender capabilities andpackaging.

The show also exhibited a wide selection of past projects that we have worked on including the Fuel Cell Systems Hydrogen Refueller, Ford’s PHEV Transit Vans, the London Taxi, TEVVA’s Range Extended Electric Vehicle and more. 

Our Engineering Director, Paul Turner was pleased to be invited to the APC stand to collect a grant cheque from the Niche Vehicle Network for our work alongside Air Cycle Technology on the production readiness to develop air charger cooler technology.

The event also gave us the prime opportunity to network with both existing and potential new clients and discuss a variety of current and exciting future vehicle projects, which our expertise and qualified engineers can help convert to run on low carbon alternative fuels. 

We look forward to the DVD Show at Millbrook next Wednesday and Thursday, plus the Battery Technology Show 23rd-24th October at the London Excel.